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Course Tactical Pistol Courses
Course Type: Open Class
Course Name: Tactical Pistol Courses
Class Length: 5-6 hours
Description: This course is designed for the beginner student who wants to learn or needs help with the basics, or the more experienced shooters who want to work on their shooting abilities. It is set at a slower pace to allow students plenty of time to learn or refine the core skills of pistol shooting. We believe that the basics should be continually practiced by all skill levels.

Topics Addressed:

-Pistol Safety
-Trigger Control
-Basic Pistol Manipulation
-Pistol Marksmanship
-Loading and Unloading
-Tactical and Emergency Reloads
-Clearing malfunctions

Ammunition Requirements:

350 Rounds Minimum
Packing List:

-Minimum 350 Rounds of Factory Ammunition
-Strong Side Hip Holster or Drop Leg
-Quality Belt
-Magazine Pouch
-Minimum three Magazines or Speedloaders
-Eye Protection
-Ear Protection (Electronic Preferred)
-Rain Gear
-Hat with Visor
-Lawnchair for breaks
Course Cost: $350