Mission Statement

It is the mission of the North East Kansas Conceal and Carry Team to provide exceptional instruction on all aspects of weapon safety, based upon a strong foundation of integrity, service before self, coupled with exceptional commitment to the Community and Residents of the State of Kansas.

The North East Kansas Conceal and Carry Team has the responsibility of preparing potential Conceal and Carry Holders with the resources and knowledge to be a responsible weapon owner.

About the North East Kansas Conceal and Carry Team
The North East Kansas Conceal and Carry Team was established to carry out the Attorney’s Generals objectives for legal Conceal and Carry Holders within the State of Kansas.  The NE KS Conceal and Carry Team professional commitment to the excellence of teaching all aspects of Conceal and Carry issues and policies and Regulations.  Our service is based upon the strong foundations of integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do.

The Training Unit conducts and coordinates training in several different areas, including Basic Firearm Safety, Advanced training for more experienced people and Advanced Training as well as assisting in specialized training from other resources in the Kansas City Kansas Metro.

The six (6) basic objectives of the Basic Training session are:

  1. Self-Discipline – A state of discipline which assures respect for authority; prompt obedience to orders, and the self-reliance to maintain or improve those traits that distinguish responsible gun holder in the State of Kansas.
  2. Skills – Individual proficiency in basic skills and practice.
  3. Academic Fitness – Individuals should look at their own physical fitness and strive for excellent standards of physical fitness and whole-body health.
  4. Physical Fitness – The ability to look within to maintain physical fitness, endurance, and weight distribution.
  5. Proper Dress – The ability to properly wear and maintain clothing that would be an advantage if you are confronted with a violent situation that you perceive bodily harm is imminent.
  6. Personal Responsibility – inspires enthusiasm, devotion to all human life, pride, initiative, aggressiveness when needed or called for to protect your family, determination, moral integrity, camaraderie for all walks of life, and is essentially the willingness to work with and for others for excellence in the safety of all Kansas Residence and its visitors.

We emphasis the following with all person who finishes the class:

  • Implement your own Home Procedures and weapon safety
  • Procedures for Training all who live the home with weapons of all kind.
  • Human Relations- Developing relationship with as many people in your community and neighborhood and church community to work at a team and resources for one another.
  • Safety for everyone
  • Constantly Reviewing Kansas State Statutes dealing with Weapons and Conceal and Carry issues in the State of Kansas.
  • Keeping abreast of all City and local Ordinances of weapons and training.
  • Laws of Search and Seizure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Look into courses on other weapons such as Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Training
  • Legal Review and changes to the Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act (K.S.A. 75-7c01 et seq.)
  • Community Development
  • Defensive Tactics training for all family members